Chelsea Cross window displays capture mood of Halloween, autumn

IMG_4241October 2015 – The window displays of Chelsea Cross showrooms have captured the mood of Halloween and the fresh autumn season.

Peter Harrington Rare Books, Patrick Mavros, and Apter-Fredericks, all have distinctive and eye-catching autumnal displays, each with a unique focus.

Peter Harrington Rare Books presented a Halloween inspired window display, featuring first editions with themes of witchcraft and horror.

The books on display, set against a colourful backdrop of autumnal leaves and pumpkins, included the first photoplay edition of “The Phantom of the Opera”, dated 1925, illustrated with scenes from the Universal film production starring Lon Chaney.

The display also featured “The History of the Devil – The Horned God of the West”, by R. Lowe Thompson, first edition, first impression, dated 1929.

IMG_4259Another outstanding first edition was “Rosemary’s Baby”, a 1967 presentation copy inscribed by author Ira Levin.

The book was the basis for the 1968 American horror film directed by Roman Polanski, and starring Mia Farrow.

In sharp contrast, Patrick Mavros’s window display was a scene from the depths of Nature – game birds free in the wild, cushioned by reddish autumnal leaves.

The game birds were finely crafted silver sculptures, full of vitality, and an asset to any home.

Apter-Fredericks, who sell important English furniture, devoted an entire window to a pastoral scene from the imagination, showcasing a magnificent table amidst autumnal leaves and pumpkins – a celebration of the new season.