Les Manufactures Catry harmonise paint, carpet colours

By David Brough

October 27, 2017 – Les Manufactures Catry offer a unique service harmonising a carefully curated range of individual paint colours and extraordinary carpet and rug designs.


The Chelsea Cross home design company offers interior decorators advice in choosing the right colours from its paint partner ARGILE, to blend optimally with its own colour ranges across a broad array of carpets and rugs.

ARGILE offers 184 shades of paint created by celebrated French artist Pierre Bonnefille, the colourist for high fashion luxury goods firm Hermès. All of the paints are ecologically friendly, composed of organic substances.

Les Manufactures Catry offer two ranges of colours – “Philfor” for their 100-percent wool carpets, and “Isere” for their carpets comprising 80 percent wool and 20 percent polyamide.



The 100-percent wool range is used primarily for living rooms, bedrooms and offices, and the 80-20 percent composition carpets are typically for “high-traffic” locations such as hotels and staircases, says Gonzague Vanoverberghe, Store and UK Export Manager.

Carpets weaved by Les Manufactures Catry must be of at least 16 linear metres.
Clients of Les Manufactures Catry’s unique offering include the Wallace Collection in London, which has commissioned a carpet for its entrance hall.



The carpets weaved by Les Manufactures Catry are made at Roncq in northern France, using wool mainly from New Zealand.